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Credit Card Authorization Form


IRS Form 2848

(Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative)


IRS Form 433 A


IRS Form 433 F



Step 1:  Schedule a consultation with Attorney Deron R. Harrington on the matter.  You may schedule such by calling the offie at (281) 598-0313 and request to be placed on Mr. Harrington's calendar.  This consultation can be done in person, over the phone, or via video chat.  My staff has access to my calendar in real time and can find a mutually convenient time.  You may also complete and submit the Form below (there is no cost or commitment for such meeting).

Quick Contact Form

Step 2: Attend the free initial consult with Attorney Deron R. Harrington.  For those who are unable to come to one of the office locations, Mr. Harrington does facilitate either a phone or computer video (ichat, skype, aol, logitech, etc) consultation.  If you must do a phone or computer video consultation then please make arrangements before hand so the connection information can be exchanged. 

At the conclusion of the consultation, Mr. Harrington will determine whether he will decline representation or accept representation on the matter (subject to execution of a Legal Service Agreement below).  In addition, Mr. Harrington will discuss with you any questions you might have.    

Step 3: When you determinate that you want legal representation and Mr. Harrington has agreed to accept the representation then you will need to execute the applicable Legal Service Agreement ("LSA") - Mr. Harrington can assist you with this process - we provide such as a courtesy and for information - as we operate will full disclosure. 

Joint (2 or more) Clients LSA (click here)

Step 4:  Make payment to fund the representation (note: you must fund the representation for it to be in effect).  You can pay online or deliver payment to either office location.

We process credit/debit card payments online through Paypal, one of the world's most recognized and secure processing agents. 

Please note you do NOT need a Paypal account to make payment (processes most major credit/debit cards).  Please click on the Paypal logo below and you will be directed to the Paypal site to complete the transaction. You then adjust the unit price to meet the desired payment amount and select update.